The real causes of diseases according to Qur’an are completely different from what I learned in medical school.

Qur’an and Health

How Qur’an And Health Are Related?  

Almighty Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have set for you in the Qur’an and Hadith a set of complete, comprehensive, and unchangeable guidelines for optimum health and self- healing methods to live a healthy lifestyle and take control of your health physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually. They explain clearly in the Qur’an and Hadith the road to health and the road to sickness. Which road do you want? The choice is yours.

We are surrounded by many different studies, experiments, hypotheses, and opinions, about health which is always subject to change. The guidelines for the treatment of various diseases keep changing. Some of the medications I studied four years ago to treat certain diseases are no longer available today because of their dangerous side effects.

The materials used in knee replacement surgeries ten years ago are no longer available because of the serious complications they cause. If this is the case, what will be the undiscovered side effects of current medications five years from now? Do you want to be among those people who try these medications and suffer later from unexpected side effects?


Do you want to take care of yourself and your family and avoid all that?  If your answer to the second question is yes, then Qur’an and health e-book series is all you need to take control of your health.

The issues you’re facing today could be anything ranging from acute symptoms like lack of energy, acne, hair loss, insomnia, headache, or stress– to having chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune or kidney diseases. The chronic diseases are the result of ignoring the acute symptoms for a long period until they become chronic, and once you reach that stage, you will need to take medications for the rest of your life.

Be aware of the acute symptoms. Listen to what your body is trying to tell you, don’t suppress the emergency calls of your body by masking them with medications, there are many natural ways which can help you to eliminate the root cause of your health issues without masking them. Once you buy Quran and Health E-books series you will learn how to take care of your health and live a healthier lifestyle Insha’Allah.

If you are sick of all the misleading information and theories that are spread all over the web about health, then you’ve finally come to the right place. Qur’an and health E-book series will be the best investment you will ever make for your health and your family health. You may ask yourself what makes it different from any other E-book which claims the best health advice?

Well, when people create any device they attach a booklet or guidance which explains for the users the “Do’s and Don’ts”. Similarly our creator Allah sent us a guidance “The Qur’an” which explain to us everything we need to know about this life and hereafter.

Allah says “Yet whenever guidance comes to you from Me, then whoever follows My guidance they have nothing to fear, nor shall they grieve” (2-38) this guidance contains the most complete and comprehensive guide for optimum health which can’t and will not be found in any medical or health books that exist today or will be in the future, simply because it’s from Almighty Allah our creator.

Qur’an and Health E-books Series 

 Contains a total of 8 E-books

The First five E-books

About making fundamental
changes in your lifestyle by eliminating disease causing factors, and replacing them
with effective natural
alternatives which will
make a HUGE difference
in your health Insha’Allah.

The sixth E-book

About eliminating the chemicals
and harmful toxins from your
body, which are the results of
taking medications, unhealthy
lifestyle and other factors.

Coming Soon 

The last two E-books

About regaining your health
by applying the self-healing
methods and living the
healthy lifestyle mentioned
in the Quran and Hadith,
which will allow you to
take control of your health
physically, mentally,
spiritually& psychologically.

Coming Soon

What’s in it for you?




  • You will save the money you currently spend on your health.
  • You will never need a health “expert” to tell you what to do or not do.
  • You will be and stay healthy because you will be your own doctor.
  • You will learn the real cause of diseases which even doctors are not aware of.
  • You no longer have to be scared of the life-threatening ” incurable ” diseases.
  • Qur’an and Health E-books Series will end your search for health gurus, healthy lifestyles, and best health tips.
  • You will finally learn how to really take control of your health no hidden secret I will reveal to you all the secrets of optimum health.
  • You will learn about preventive medicine and the solutions to your health issues in simple easy to understand language no fancy complex medical terminology.

Special offer for limited time only get the first 5 E-books for ONLY $10 EACH. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Click the buy now button to get your first E-book.

I guarantee to provide you with VERY VALUABLE information with this series. The best part is that The Qur’an and Hadith have only one edition. So REST ASSURED, because the information you are going to learn is solid and unchangeable unlike the medical books which have new edition every year based on studies and experiments on “lab animals”.

Happy customers.

1st E-book of The Qur’an and Health E-books Series

I have read Living water for better health ebook. It is very well written in a way for everybody to understand. The importance of water should be known by everyone and you did a great job in explaining.

Najat Haddouch

Founder, Managing Director at Islamic Medicine Academy - Hijama Clinics Islamic Medicine Academy Rotterdam Area, Netherlands

1st E-book of The Qur’an and Health E-books Series

I follow several Muslim health and nutrition practitioners on social media. Not one of them has ever brought up the subject of water in the diet. You are really on to something here. You really did your research and brought a lot of valuable information to light. Who knew there was so much to learn about water. I am eager to read the other 7 e-books you have written.

Eddie L. Hall, Jr.

Entrepreneur at I Marketplace Enterprises Greater. New York City Area, USA

1st E-book of The Qur’an and Health E-books Series

This eBook is a must read for all those who are health conscience and in the health and wellness field. I throughly enjoyed reading this eBook and learned so much about water, it’s properties, the contaminations and ways to purify it. I love drinking water and drink lots of mineral water daily. I’m always looking for ways to enhance my personal health and wellness in the light of the Qur’an and Sunnah and I’m always researching for information. Dr. Hana Yusuf has done an excellent and thorough job on researching the topic and presenting it in an easy-to-read eBook with evidence from both Qur’an and Sunnah. This eBook needs to be available for educational institutes and maybe a physical copy for local libraries too.

Nadia Leona Yunis

Entrepreneur, Mindologist, Researcher, Writer, Author, Speaker and Personal Development & Mindset Transformation Mentor-Coach-Consultant London, UK

1st E-book of The Qur’an and Health E-books Series

Salaam alaykum, Dr. Hana . . Alhamdulillah for the opportunity to read your e-book on water and health.  I found a lot of information very helpful and beneficial to help enhance my daily health and diet routine inshaallah. I found the information on the impact of our thoughts on water, and ways to enhance the water properties, especially useful and something that I will try to implement on a regular basis.  I wish you continuing success as you develop future content for benefit.

Ibrahim Siddiq

M.Ed, Professional Coaching Practitioner, Training & Development, International Collaboration Saudi Arabia

1st E-book of The Qur’an and Health E-books Series

It was indeed an interesting read and an educational one as well. “Water is life.” I value your intellect and your devotion to your trade. I wish you all the best with your e-books and may you reach a huge number of readers as your e-books are worth reading. I am looking forward to your next accomplishment.

Momtaz Alsolh

Author of "Bread without Butter" Humanitarian leader. UAE

1st E-book of The Qur’an and Health E-books Series

Great read! Living water for better health is an informative book that highlights scientific research alongside authentic and religious texts, explaining the importance of healthy water consumption. Dr. Hana Yussuf should be commended for compiling this book.

Anthony (Abdul Haqq) Baker

PhD Managing Director at Baker Educational Consultancy – BEC Baker Educational Consultancy University of Exeter, Saudi Arabia

1st E-book of The Qur’an and Health E-books Series

I read the beneficial “Living Water” Ebook publication. Dr. Yussuf has made a great contribution to an overlooked body of literature that is scientifically important and is also important for an individual’s health and well being.

Zaid Ansari

Consultant at Balanced Middle Path Solutions Florida State, Atlanta Area, USA

1st E-book of The Qur’an and Health E-books Series

Assalamo Alaikom, Dr. Hana. I found your book quite interesting, useful and eye opening, and I wish all people in the U.S. and the world get the opportunity to benefit from it. It is scientifically written, well researched and contains invaluable health-related pieces of advice. If anyone cares about his/her health, he/she should read it. May the Almighty reward you for your efforts.

Yasin Al-Jibouri

Writer, Author, Editor, Translator/Interpreter and Publisher, USA

1st E-book of The Qur’an and Health E-books Series

I am amazed how little I knew about water before I read your work , it is extremely informative and I recommend it to all those who are trying medicine to cure illness or are worried why the best doctors or tablets don’t work on their problems….jazakillah khair I pray to Allah SWT that He gives you success here and hereafter Ameen.

Emad Sharf

International Sales Executive Boss Products USA, New York

1st E-book of The Qur’an and Health E-books Series

With over 75% of our body made up of water and without it, we would die in a matter of days, it is no surprise that we should be very very concerned about the quality of water we put into our bodies. This book is a fantastic remedy to the health issues which many of us face in a world where we have almost no idea what is in the water which comes out of our taps. After reading the first of this E-book series on water I feel that I have the knowledge and understanding to both appreciate how important water quality is and how to make sure I implement it in my life.

JazakAllahu khair for all of your research Dr Hana Yussuf and making the evidence from the Qur’an and the sunnah accessible for us!

Sam Burr

Content creator and founder at Sam of Somalia London, United Kingdom

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